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Permit Fee Calculations and Conditions

For new construction on vacant property or where the existing building has been removed*, all fees apply.   Credits are not given for existing fixtures, however, any previously paid tap fees will be credited. If an existing connection is being used, no new connection fee ( $125.00 ) would be charged. For projects larger than duplexes an “Impact Fee” may be added.

*When removing an existing structure please execute an Abandon Service Agreement  prior to obtaining your permit. This ensures that the service line will be capped outside the area of disturbance.

When the work being done is a remodel/addition, credit is given for the fixtures existing ON OUR RECORDS. Fees will then be charged for fixtures, bedrooms, baths beyond those recorded as existing.

Please note: The Sanitation District is a separate entity and NOT part of the City or County. During the mid to late 90’s many building projects were completed without our knowledge. Building permit fees paid may not have included Sanitation District fees. Unfortunate instances have occurred when homeowners have been surprised by higher than expected permit fees due to unrecorded prior work being discovered during  permit/plan review. Areas particularly affected are Knollwood, Mtn. Valley and Meadowood as well as many condo units.

We recommend that you confirm an “existing” fixture count with our office prior to permit application.

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